Three Rivers Art Festival. Part 2.

22 06 2009

Continuing with the prior topic, I will now showcase some more artists (I wish more had webpages!) from the Three Rivers Art Festival.

Vase by Yoko Sekino-BoveYoko Sekino-Bové.

Yoko is a clay artist with a charming sense of humor and incredible skills. delicate forms, branches, flowers and tentacles! abound in her art. The technique she utilizes includes the removal of the pigment before baking, leaving a raw area within the pigmented area, granting a very nice texture to her works.

Glass in Motion. By Sheron Davis.Glass sulpture by Sheron Davis

Sheron lived many years next to a large river, the motion and colors of the water in different moments of the day inspire her to do art, either painting or glass work. Her glass work is always one of a king, since she uses no molds, and are beautifully organic, incorporating non-glass elements, as shells and geodes. It was a pity that I didn’t find time to talk to her, her artwork is so vibrant and beautiful!

Cast paper by Kevin Dyer.

Cast paper by Kevin Dyer.

Cast Paper. By Kevyn Dyer.

Probably my favorite due to my love for paper itself. Kevin first draws the design on paper, he prepares a wax carving, casts a mold from it and then casts a mix of cotton and paper. The result is a relief of the drawing. He then proceeds to paint with several layers of colors. I was amazed by his work, so elegant! We got to talk a bit and he told me that he has been doing this for 30 years, kudos to him! I would love to have on of his pieces in my living room!



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