Three Rivers Art Festival. Part 1.

15 06 2009

Last weekend I went to the Three Rivers Art Festival held in Pittsburgh from June 5 to 14. It was wonderful!  The weather was nice, there was live music, lots of people and the art alley! Oh, the so wonderful art alley!

As many times happens, I wished I had the budget to buy lovely art, and I felt absolutely inferior, unskilled and untalented in front of those incredible artists that I met, talked to or just admired from a distance. The quality of the artwork was, regardless of personal taste, rather high, and it is because the Three Rivers Art Festival is juried and your art has to be accepted before you can exhibit there. It was a very eclectic gathering of styles and media, but all very interesting and extremely inspired. I came back home wanting to try new things, play more with traditional media, which I hate to admit that I am doing less and less each time, and go crazy with the possibilities of doing neat stuff.

Let me please introduce you to some of the talents that caught my eye.


Children at Play by Jupi Das

The Art of Papercutting by Jupi Das

Jupi recreates an ancient Chinese Technique. Her work consists in incredibly detailed cut paper, intricate designs with amazing precision. Mostly black paper, but sometimes embellished with color paints. The patterns are highly decorative and would look wonderful decorating any room.

I can’t help but feeling a sense of Mandala in her circular patterns, the repetition and alternation of patterns add a nice rhythm to these complicated works.

G. M. Webb

Continuous Flow of Emotions by G M. Webb

Continuous Flow of Emotions by G M. Webb

Webb’s work left me speechless. It is incredibly detailed and original, with an incredible intricacy of patterns and weaves. He started many years ago by doing the typical figurine with copper wire but he then started to challenge himself by creating more complex and abstract structures. He works with industrial wires, weaves them with his own hands and secures them with pliers, the colors are the original color of the wires. The structures are reminiscent of masks, completely solid (not just a shell) and professionally presented in black frames.

His works felt full of energy and exploration, and each piece takes from 3 to 6 weeks to complete!

image by John Kamerer

image by John Kamerer

Monumental Photo by John Kamerer.

His sense of art found in the beauty of flowers, leaves and fruits is wonderful. I loved his compositions based on color and repetition of shapes.

He offers prints in paper and also canvas. My husband was amazed by the canvas images and commented “This makes them more real!” which is probably a very good observation. I would love to decorate my kitchen with those lovely images of multicolored olives and peppers and grapes!

I certainly enjoyed the festival very much and it was very inspiring,  it recharged me in a way that other things don’t. I shall stop here, but I will write some more about other artists in a future installment.



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