Bringing the Muse back home.

10 04 2009

Last month was a bad one for my art. Real life took over and it overwhelmed the Muse, which just left me. So there was no art done. Doodles yes, but nothing really serious was started nor finished. Until now.

succubus-copy2-web1I decided that if I wanted my muse back I needed to actively bring her, so I embarked in a series of projects all at once! On one hand I am working on a piece for the contest Monsters and Nightmares over Addictive Hobby the good news are that they have extended the deadline so I can push really hard and get mine done. It is still in process, but if you have comments and critiques, please tell me.

The other thing I got into is this super fun group project for the Character of the Week challenge at Concept Art. I am working with Meredith Dillman, Karyn Lewis and Mythmaker. We are currently defining the characters that we have to illustrate (6 in total) and expanding the briefs that we were given. Soon we will start sketching and painting. And I will post more when we have something that we can show.

One more thing I’m working on is on illustrating a tale for Dargonzine. I am really thrilled about this, since it will require me to puch myself to develop new skills.

And as a silly side story, when I told my husband, all sad, that my muse had left me he looked less than pleased and asked me “And who is your muse!?” to which I could only laugh and explain him that in my case it is not a flesh and bone human being.

And before I go, let me remind you that Amazing Events #003 has been released, it features my art and art by many other talented artist. Also, I am listening to Nijna Mountain podcasts, which are a fun way of learning about the professional environment and challenges in art, go listen to one, you will get hooked!



2 responses

10 04 2009
Mary Layton

Ooooh, she’s looking great Coty! I envy your talent with cloth folds and drapes!

10 04 2009

Actually the whole purpose of this WIP is to work on folds because I am really bad at that. I am following the reference almost to the letter.

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