Updates: V-day pic, workshop and prints!

21 02 2009

Hi there!

This was a rather busy week for me, the kind that goes WOOSH! by you and you wonder “wow, is it Friday again?”. The good hting is that I could finish the Valentine’s pic I w

Thank you to all of you that support me along the year!

Thank you to all of you that support me along the year!

as working on, and I am rather pleased with the outcome, though I could not keep my original objective of painting it all pink in honor to the date. All pink compositions hurt my eyes, though I do like pink quite a lot!

The knot work seems to be a big hit, though I have to clarify that it is a rather simple basic design, I just duplicated it to add more complexity. Maybe I should do a small tutorial on how to do simple knotwork. It really is not as hard as it might seem. What do you think?

Remember I mentioned I was taking a workshop on cover art design? It was wonderful and I did learn a lot, not only about the topic at hand, but also about techniques that I never use in Photoshop, so yes, it was wonderful. One of the ladies that taught it was the ever super talented Cris Griffin. A lot of people expressed interest in the workshop though they didn’t know

We also played with placing our art on a book to make it look like a real cover.

about it on time. So if you are one of those that would like to take a similar workshop, pass by her site and let her know! I wouldn’t mind to take another class. I am such a fan of learning!

So let me show you some of the examples of the work we produced, some of them rather simple (though I didn’t know how to use the tools) and others more complex.

Romantic novel cover.

Romantic novel cover.

Another cover for a made up novel.

Another cover for a made up novel.

Stock images graciosly provided by Mjranum

Stock images by http://aussiesteve-stocks.deviantart.com/ and http://ll-stock.deviantart.com/

And last but not least! I am now offering prints and other products through the marvelous Ellen Million’s services!

That is all for right now, thanks a lot for reading and I’ll see you next time!



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