The year in review

31 12 2008

This has been artistically a great year. I have improved a big deal, through practicing and the invaluable help and support of people in wonderful places as Epilogue, Pixelbrush, and Addictive Hobby. Through their advice and critical eye I have learned to see my faults, to modify them and work from them. Thank you to each one of you that have helped me in this journey that still continues.


Dre Dre, the elf druid.

Things that I have improved *though need to keep being improved*:

Composition. It used to be so hard to find the elements to draw a good composition, I would have elements guiding the eye outside of the canvas o distracting from the focus of attention of my piece. Now I am more certain on how to add elements to guide the eye around. I still need to learn more, using more complex scenarios, something I started doing in The Kiss, and I want to learn how to use color in enhancing the composition, something I hope my friend Chris Malidore can help me to achieve 😉

Also in the piece that you see to the right I started to use reference from different pictures to get the pose of her body. Something I wish I’ve done before, but that I didn’t really know how to. Sometimes things take time to make sense in your head.

Values. Values have been my problem for ever. Finally, working digitally I am starting to understand them, now my pictures look better because the values are more spread, I have darker darks and lighter lights, making for a nicer range of values than before. I also hope to keep working on this. I am now understanding how to use darks next to lights to make the image more interesting. This was achieved through also changing the way I color, and through the constant advice of Epilogue fellows, especially Karyn, who called me out each time about lack of values range, and explained me how to improve this.

Speedy Christmas

Christmas Speedy

Technique. Since I got the tablet that permitted me to experiment more with different techniques, and go away from cell shading, which I still enjoy but that is limiting. So I have started to mix colors at one side and then blend them on the drawing itself with a transparent brush. I think it is yielding nicer results.

Speed. Also improved a great deal in speed since I started using the tablet (the mouse makes speedies really slowies), now I can do a speedpaint in about 2-3 hours instead of 8-12 and it does look loads better! Compare the little elf to the left, a real speedpaint, with this one, one year ago, with mouse and taking many hours. So yeah… thank you husband for the tablet!

Commissions. Started getting commissions! W00t! They were small and took a lot of work to get them, but hey, you start small and grow, am I right? It was fun and challenging to work for others. So far I always drew to please myself, and drawing to please other people implied a lot of learning and trying to read between lines to achieve the look and feeling that they wanted from the descriptions. A lot of fun! Next year I will post a couple of pieces that I have not shown yet 😉

All in all this has been a very interesting year on the artistic side. I hope the next year finds me working hard in my artwork and learning, learning, learning! I leave you with a big hug and have a wonderful new year!!



4 responses

31 12 2008
Karyn Lewis

I’ve enjoyed watching your growth this year. You have such a recognizable and wonderful style. I can’t wait to see what you do in 2009!

1 01 2009

Aww, thank you Karyn! I really like to hear that coming from such a good artist! I hope I can grow more next year, having the support of people like you! Hugs and my best wishes for you!

2 01 2009
Rita Ria

Coty, you really grew a lot this year.
I am so amazed how charming and “easy” your work looks.
And I just know, that you dont stop 😉
Curious for your 2009!

Hugs and best wishes

2 01 2009

Thank you very much, dear Rita! it would not be possible without the constant support of people like you.

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