Happy Holidays!

22 12 2008

Hi! I wanted to tell everybody Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. No matter what religious affiliation we belong to (if any), we all agree that this is a very special moment of the year at least because we get some time out and we share it with our families and friends.

A Little Christmas Spirit

A Little Christmas Spirit

This year finds with a terrible cold that I hope will pass before too soon so I can start cooking for the 24th. I am planning to bake cookies, one recipe given to me by Mercuralis, and prepare a delicious appetizer, whose recipe will be posted here soon 🙂

I am also away from home but I hope that we can share some time via web cam with my family and my husband’s.

I did a couple of Christmas related speedpaints this year… wow! I usually

Merry Christmas, Sabra!

Merry Christmas, Sabra!

never do anything season related until it is too late. And this time the speedpaints were actually speedpaints, and not several days of work! *is getting better at art* 🙂

One was to send some Christmas Spirit to my mom, since she said there was no Spirit in my home. The other one was for a gift exchange at Epilogue. The person I was supposed to draw for was the lovely Sabra Scherer,
who paints the most whimsical faeries and fantasy creatures you can imagine. If you don’t know her art, go check it out!

With these two pics I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a lot of love, joy and peace, and that you all receive many blessings for the next year.



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