Sometimes knowledge just needs to sediment

20 12 2008

Hi there! I am back again, after a long time off.

This last semester I taught biology lab classes, in a place that was more time demanding of what I expected. It was highly rewarding on one hand, but it left no time for art. It was frustrating on that respect, and very much. Finally, I had finished my neverending studies to find that I had even less time! I was sad because I felt that I was learning so much each time I sat to draw, and now I had no time to do it. And the few occasions that I did have time I had no energy for creative processes.

So, about two weeks ago I found the time again, classes have finished and now I can do art! And there is so much I need to take care of. And finally I sat down with my tablet and it was like if all this time in which I could not actually apply what I was reading about, what I was learning about, was still prime time. Things made sense in my head in a way that had never before. A lot of the things that I intellectually knew from reading and studying had finally locked together, like a jigsaw puzzle and now they could be practically applied. And I think that sometimes we just need our brains to process the information, let that information to settle and to become part of us.

I do see improvement from the last time I picked up a pencil/tablet. That is not to say that I am a master of illustration, just that I have taken a leap from the last thing I drew about 3 months ago, and now painting in the ‘harder way’ is easier than doing it the ‘simple way’ that I was using before. This has also improved my speed! Who would have known? Light and shadows make more sense in my head too, which I think makes for better art.

And to close my musings, I will leave you with one of the last pieces I’ve finished, which was entered for a challenge over at Addictive Hobby

Norse Goddess in knotwork

Freyja in knotwork

This piece was a last minute inspiration stroke. I was not going to enter because I didn’t find the time and I didn’t know what to draw. But all of the sudden I knew that I wanted to do Freyja and I started googling images of her. I saw this gorgeous painting by Penrose and I wanted to pay homage to it. So I took the goddess’ pose and went from there.

The knot was to follow, and then it occurred to me to adorn it with flowers. There are two kinds of flowers in it. One is a wildflower called Freyja flowers and the other is a variety of Rhododendron called Freya. I am very pleased with this piece and this one pushed me to try and make prints available 🙂



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